Lee Labrada is founder and President of Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition of Houston, Texas. "Yes, it is my company!" is the enthusiastic reply that Lee gives all his fans who ask. "I know it's unprecedented for a former professional bodybuilder to own and run a successful international sports supplement company.

People are used to seeing pro athletes as endorsers of products, only. I've done that for some of the world's largest sports nutrition companies in the past. I learned a lot about the sports nutrition industry there, and I felt there was a real need for a sports nutrition company that genuinely cared about the welfare of its customers. I've been in the trenches, so to speak. I have realworld experience as an athlete. I'm not a stuffed suit at some faceless mega-company. I've trained with weights for over twenty years, and I understand the mind of the bodybuilder and athlete. My customers trust me and love my products because I give them what they want: honest, effective supplements, not a bunch of hype!"